Student Essay on An Intrepretation of "The Red Wheelbarrow" by William Carlos Williams

An Intrepretation of "The Red Wheelbarrow" by William Carlos Williams

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Williams sends a strong message about the world through his poem. However, especially after reading "This is just to say," I believe "The Red Wheelbarrow" is simple and straightforward. Williams just wanted to convey the message that "so much depends on" a wheelbarrow, rain, and chickens. Especially to a farmer, these three objects and substances of nature are essential. However, these objects are also very important to the ordinary individual because they are the source of food. If the farmer did not have these tools to produce food, everyone would be stuck without food. Therefore, these items are a necessity in the world to every human being. The wheelbarrow is used by the farmer to transport produce around the farm and from the fields to the market where the general population can buy the food. Rain is vital for the production of food and for survival of animals and humans. The chicken represents useful livestock on the farm. In addition to being used as food, however, chickens also produce eggs, proving more useful to the farmer. "The Red Wheelbarrow" explains how humans depend on nature and cannot live without certain elements of nature.