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The Threat of Technology to Biodiversity

Summary: The use of technology to make societal advances has many benefits, but it also destroys our natural environment. A "growth at any cost" approach to managing the environment will eventually collapse ecosystems.
In this day and age, our ideologies have created or influenced many of the social problems that we have today. The advancement of technology has really been positive for our society, but it has played a major role in destroying the environment. The environmental ideology that has really created this social problem is "growth at any cost." Due to the fact that our society exercises this option, we have developed a loss of biodiversity, which will eventually collapse our ecosystem.

As our population increases we need more space as well as more resources from the earth. When we do this we are taking away from the non-human species that live in each of these habitats. Even though we may be doing this as an upgrade for our communities, we are still taking away from the plants, insects, and animals that roam our land.

Our environmental ideology of growth at any cost is beneficial to all except nature. The belief that technology solves everything is hurting the environment. For example, auto factories produce the cars that we love, but in the process they are causing pollution. As this continues our ozone layer is affected, and that eventually will take a toll on all living species.

In order for our ideological thinking and actions to be better managed, we must realize the overall picture. Each day there is at least one species that comes closer to extinction because of our "needs." If we as a society can realize that nature is just as important as humans are, then we would have a healthier environment. Overall, our awareness on biodiversity and its importance needs to be increased. Society needs to protect our environment in there own ways like they would themselves. If we do not make a change in the way we think, the earth's biodiversity will no longer be a resource for survival.

This section contains 313 words
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