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What Is the American Dream?

Summary: "Tom Walker and The Devil"- Washington Irving
Washington Irving, the author of "Tom Walker and The Devil" uses his main character, Tom Walker to play the important role of being the protagonist. Tom Walker is proved to be greedy, daring, and courageous surrounded by poverty and a miserable life.

One may think when you take shortcuts in life, good results may come. According to Tom Walker, wealth and self-pride is the importance o the American dream. As Irving portrayed Tom and his wife to be somewhat selfish in achieving their dreams, he also showed the unnecessary actions that led them both to the failure of their dream with infinite consequences.

Even though Tom and his wife's relationship wasn't good at all, they still had qualities alike. They both fended for themselves, and they both will do whatever it takes to experience a prosperous life. As Tom took a shortcut home, Irving foreshadowed the shortcut Tom is taking in his life. When he was unexpectedly distracted by the devil, who is also known as the "black woodsman", he is blinded by the offers that are way ahead of him, than to think about what's right in front of him. This is where Tom gave his self pride in taking the shortcut and getting treasure from the devil.

This section contains 211 words
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