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Corrie ten Boom
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The Hiding Place

Summary: A review of The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. Includes plot summary and meaning within the story.

"The Hiding Place" was a wonderful book that delivered a sense of awareness to me. It awared me of how God can turn bad things into good things, and how he teaches us these things through lessons. Also how ones life can start to look bad and then God can turn it around and make it into something good. That way you can teach the world about what you went through. This is a book about the story of the Ten Boom family during world war two.

Corrie Ten Boom is the author and main character of this book. In this book and in real life she runs a big part of the Dutch underground. This is the hiding of the Dutch people from the Nazis. She and her family including Betsie, Mr. Ten Boom, and others. Create the master plan of building a door in there closet that can hide five or six. And they completed this master plan and started to hide the Dutch. The Ten Boom family was suspected of hiding the Dutch on account of extra food rations. They successfully hid a few of the Dutch people before the Nazis came and took the Ten Boom family away. The Nazis still were suspicious of the family hiding the Dutch but because of the master plan were unable to locate them. Then the concluding part of the story is spent in jail, where the family crumbles and rots till Betsie dies and Corrie is released back into the world. The reason being she was mistakenly put on the release list. This is how she wrote this book.

This book was a very good book it tells how God can turn bad things into good things and still teach us a lesson. I would definitely recommend this book to all of my peers. Because of how good it was it made me think of how good my life is. It was a great reading choice I enjoyed it very much. Corrie spent most of her life after this writing books and teaching faith in the lord our God.

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