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Juana: The Symbol of Women in "The Pearl"

Summary: Juana represents the strength of women as mothers in John Steinbeck's novella "The Pearl." Juana cares for her family and perseveres through problems.
In John Steinbeck's novella The Pearl, Juana represents women. She supports her husband Kino throughout the story and cares for their only son Coyotito. She remains strong and wise when Coyotito is bitten by a scorpion. Though he is on the verge of death she is willing to do anything to save her son. Asking for a doctor with her lack of wealth is a lost cause. Even with the miracle of the pearl Kino finds while fishing the doctor does not respond to the request to save her son.

She maintains her family throughout the entire crisis as many mothers would do. She perseveres and refuses to part ways when Kino suggests so to avoid trackers, although she knows Kino just wants to part ways because Juana is slower than he with the child and it would be far easier to escape without him having to wait for them. She represents women with quick thinking and rationalization. She sees what can be gained from this miracle pearl and also what can be lost. She is wise to protect what she has in her family instead of give it all away for Kino's dream revolving around the pearl. She knows that Kino's sudden desire to make money is dangerous and will lead to destruction if she does not protect him. When she is beat by Kino she has lost him to the temptation of money and greed but stays and tries to solve the problem. She prays for not only her son Coyotito to be healed when he is bitten by the scorpion but also prays for Kino and for his rage to subside so decisions can be made rationally.

This section contains 282 words
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