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Oscar Schindler

Summary: Oscar Schindler was an unexpected hero during the Second World War. A businessman who exploited Jews as a cheap source of labor, a drinker and womanizer, and even a member of the Nazi party for business reasons, Schindler gave up his wealth and his lifestyle to save over 1,000 Jews through providing them with safe haven in his munitions factory.
Oscar Schindler

Bribery, womanising and drinking. Hardly the attributes expected of a hero, but Oscar Schindler was an unexpected hero in treacherous times.

Oscar Schindler was a businessman who made his money out of exploiting a cheap source of labour- the Jews. Also well known was his love of women, alcohol and money. He even joined the Nazi party in the hope of making a quick buck from the war- a user of the worst sort.

Less than ten years later he was being hailed as a hero by his Jewish workers.

At the beginning of the Second World War, Schindler was a wealthy man, but he gave it all up to save the Jews he employed- but no one knows why. What is known is that his courage and audacity probably mixed with a fair dose of arrogance saved over 1000 Jews, but left him with nothing-except respect from the Jewish community.

Schindler saved these people through bribery and his munitions factory. He convinced German officials to let him build a camp for his workers close to the factory to reduce travel time and cost. He then bribed the guards and smuggled in food, clothing and medication in to those inside.

Schindler proceeded to make his factory a safe haven by bribing guards to make them stay outside the fence and refusing entry to anyone without his express permission- even sleeping in his office at night to stop the dreaded `night calls' the Gestapo loved to make.

Schindler's factory was completely useless to the German war effort. Never once was a useful piece of equipment or ammunition built there. It will never be known how many lives that saved on the front line.

With his boldness came great danger. Schindler was arrested twice and only saved through his party connections.

When the war was over Schindler was honoured by the Jews but rejected by his own countrymen.

Oscar Schindler is a hero because he stood up to the Nazis and saved lives when others lacked the courage- he would not stand by and watch murder. His heroism still commands deservedly great respect today.

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This section contains 359 words
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