Student Essay on Class and Dreams: The Great Gatsby

Class and Dreams: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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What exactly is "American Dream"? A dream of wealth, happiness and possibilities that the New World offered. "From rags to riches" - anybody can become a millionaire through courage, determination and hard work. This idea stems from the early years of the newly formed United States, where (oddalenie się) from the Old World's models of government and economics resulted in creating new upper classes. In the new country any investment, with a little of luck, could turn out a fortune since most of the natural resources were unclaimed or even undiscovered. For many years, the idea was widely held belief. The chaos of post-war America though, added to the decay of the (szczytna idea) American Dream. The 1920's gained the name of "Roaring Twenties", the time of prohibition, jazz, and finally the "Great Depression." The "Lost Generation", people left in shock after the War, trying to compensate, led the wild and extravagant lives. America became a country where accompanied by the "black rhythms", flourished organized crime, catering for alcohol to whoever wanted it. It became the country of Charleston, flappers, decadence, and movie stars. It appeared that "American Dream" not necessarily (wymagało) hard work but more often illegal investments and (handel).

"The Great Gatsby" is set in the reality of the 1920's. The story begins when young Yale graduate - Nick Carraway moves to New York. He rents a house in West Egg, part of Long Island inhabited by the newly-rich and becomes a neighbor of Jay Gatsby, famous party giver. Unlike most of West-Eggers, Nick has a social connection with the fashionable East-Egg where lives an old aristocracy. At the dinner with his cousin Daisy, and her husband Tom Buchanan, Nick meets Jordan Baker with whom he begins a romantic relationship. He also finds out that Tom has a lover, Myrtle Wilson. Some time later, Nick gets an invitation to the famous Gatsby's Saturday party and meets the host who seems to be very mysterious figure. Soon though Nick finds out from Jordan that Jay used to know and love his cousin Daisy, and the extravagant life he leads and throwing wild parties is simply to attract her attention. With a Nick's help, Jay and Daisy meet again and start an affair, which (wkurza) Tom, despite his own unfaithfulness.