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Sense and Sensibilty: Explanation of Title

Summary: Jane Austen's "Sense and Sensiblity" represents the two sisters in the novel: Elinor is sense, and Marianne is sensibility.
The title of my book Sense and Sensibility meaning is more complex than at first glance. The title explains the main two views of what is going on in the novel of the story. The views being of the two sisters (Elinor and Marianne) and how their personality is reflecting on the environment also people around them. They display sense and sensibility in a way most people would not generally think about those words. Elinor is the sense in the novel, and Marianne as sensibility. They all do it in a way that you would not normally see and that is with wit and subtlety. The different views of the novel characters are very important to understand because if you do not understand the message that the author (Jane Austin) was trying to get across though out her novel.

I chose a picture of roses to symbolize the sensibility and love within the novel and how that it can be very simple as a single flower or as complex as the vines and thorns on which they grow on. It is displayed through out the novel that love is that of nothing but complex thoughts on the theories behind love and what it is.

This section contains 206 words
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