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Belize and Mexico, Two Countries in Comparison

Summary: Compares the nations Mexico and Belize. Examines geography, language, infrastructure and history of independence.
Our world has several countries, however, each of them has a lot of similarities and differences among them. In this essay I would like to show the similarities and differences between Belize and Mexico.

On the one hand, Belize and Mexico have lots of similarities. For example, the must important similarity is that they belong to the same continent -America; moreover, they are neighbors and have a good relationship. Also, both countries celebrate their most significant holiday on September, which is the Independence, although, it is on different days for each of them. Another similarity between Belize and Mexico is that they have the most significant communication systems such as roads, air, sea, and telecommunication. In addition, these countries practice the same religions such as Catholic and Protestant.

On the other hand, these countries have many differences. First of all, there is the big difference with respect to their geographic sizes. Belize has a territorial size of 22, 960 km2 in contrast with Mexico that has 1,964, 374 km2. Another big difference is that Mexico is organized for 31 States and one Federal District and Belize is organized for 6 Districts, which have principal towns. The two most important differences between Belize and Mexico are the language and the currency. About language, the official language in Belize is English, instead in Mexico is Spanish. With respect to the currency, the national currency from Belize is the Belizean Dollar and It from Mexico is the Mexican Peso. In addition, Belize has a several ethnic groups in contrast with Mexico.

In brief, we can observe that we are living in the same planet; however, our countries have several differences and similarities. This essay has shows us we need to learn much about each country.

This section contains 288 words
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