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Summary: Part of the very definition of a leader is one who possesses kindness, honesty, and trustworthiness, and who will often serve as a teacher, advisor, and visionary. Odysseus displayed all these traits of leadership, and his example shows us the determination we need to lead.
A warrior at heart, Odysseus also spent many years on the battle field. As with many of today's military leaders, Odysseus honed his craft under very difficult circumstances. Yet he never gave up, he led his crew to victory. A good example of his tenacity was the Battle at Troy. When it seemed as though they weren't going to make it, Odysseus pulled it through and used his head and built the great horse that won the war! Odysseus was a good leader but he had his weaknesses.

Odysseus made some costly mistakes that caused disaster to himself and his crew. As with many people today, Odysseus forgot who helped him along his path to success. Poseidon assisted Odysseus, yet he didn't give him any credit. Odysseus did fall down for a while but he did get up, and proved that he was the great leader he was.

The Great leader I look up to would be the infamous Jesus Christ. Because Jesus has no flaws! He really has changed my life in many ways, he's not only a great leader he is; honest, trustworthy, teacher, advisor, and a friend. He is all of these things plus many more. But the difference in Christ and Odysseus (no comparison) but Odysseus is fictional Christ is alive!

Though we all may stumble on the path to success, you have got to have the drive, the determination, the will, to lead and prove all wrong. Only the strong will survive!

This section contains 249 words
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