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Eric Nylund
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Halo Fall of Reach

Summary: Summarizes the book Halo: Fall of Reach, by Eric Nylund.
Once there was a kid named John, he was always winning in games. He was only six years old. There was a group called the Spartan Program they were kidnapping little kids to train them into super humans and for war. John got kidnapped as well as 75 other kids. John got two friends named Kelly and Sam. John was the leader of the Spartans he was called Master Chief. They all trained to be great soldiers. They got surgery on there brains witch made them faster, stronger, and smarter. They were on another human planet called Reach. Reach was attack by aliens called covenant. When the super humans, the Spartans were on a mission to kill the alien's leader, called Profit they were told that Reach was under attack. The Spartans expect for Sam had to cancel there mission to go save Reach. Sam was there to hold off the covenant. When the Spartans got to Reach they were over numbered by the Covenant. They all died on Reach, expect for one lucky Spartan, John. John had to leave Reach and his teammates behind, he had to escape Reach. John escaped on a ship called the Pillar of Autumn. John didn't know that his teammates were still alive on Reach and that Reach wasn't destroyed yet. John had a chance but didn't make it. John had escaped. John thought he was safe now, but he was wrong. His ship was attacked by other Covenant ships and he found a artificial planet called Halo. He was forced to go to Halo. He went to the artificial world only to go on a great journey with many more enemies than there were on Reach. He was going to fight them all.
This section contains 291 words
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