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Gulliver's Adventures in Houyhnhmland

Summary: Discusses the novel Gulliver's Travels, by Jonathon Swift. Explores the adventures that Gulliver's adventures in Houyhnhmland and describes what he learned from that experience.
This is the adventure in which Gulliver meets the Yahoos and the horses. The yahoos are human-like creatures, but with no clothing or any manners, they are just like any other animal with human bodies. On the other hand, the horses are the ones that think, they don't wear clothes nor speak, but are they are not as wild as the yahoos. Gulliver finds a way to communicate with the horses. He observes their way of life, and he finds out that humans are not as superior as they claim to be. He even says that the horses from Houyhnhmland are superior to humans.

I think that what Gulliver is trying to tell us is that we think and feel that humans are superior to any other creature in the world. We treat animals with no care, and sometimes we use them to do what we need, and when they get sick or old, we just get rid of them. In the same way, we use other people to do the things that we don't want to do, and even when they look alike to humans, we despise them.

Gulliver says the horses are rational creatures that don't have any kind of bad habits. The Yahoos are animals that need to be educated by someone of superior intelligence and that can solve conflicts without having to start a fight.

The author thinks that humans are like Yahoos, always fighting over everything, eve things that are not important. Humans need to learn that there are other things in the world that need our attention and if there is a good communication, then there is no need for fighting; so what we need to do is to stop thinking that we are superior to anyone else and learn that communication and a good education are the only things that will lead us to have a life without so many worries and problems.

This section contains 322 words
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