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The Old Man and the Sea

Summary: Ernest Hemingway's novel The Old Man and the Sea is about endurance and its reward. Santiago's quest for the great marlin epitomizes this theme; although sharks ate the marlin, he still earned the respect of the fishing village after returning with nothing left of the marlin but its skeleton.
The Old man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway is a novel about endurance. In it, an old fisherman, in a small fishing village in Cuba, named Santiago has many journeys and experiences where he has to endure many things like people mocking him. The climax occurs when Santiago comes back to shore after battling the marlin and the people find out about and measure the marlin's skeleton and the dream that he has that night that.

In this novel we learn that endurance may bring many great things. Santiago catches the great marlin that was bigger then his skiff. This shows that he endures and fought the fish for many days and he finally caught it. We realize this when Santiago says "The great DiaMaggio would be proud of me today." Santiago heads back to shore with his marlin but sharks come and eat it and Santiago tries the fight them back with all he has strength that was left but the sharks eat all of the marlin and only leaves the bones but when Santiago gets to shore and his shack people measured the marlins skeleton and admired Santiago. This shows that enduring things will get you far like Santiago did, he gain respect out of his endurance. We realize this when Santiago says "I'll fight them until I die." Enduring things may be very hard at times but if you do, you will probably be rewarded in great amounts.

This section contains 244 words
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