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Summary: The human body needs vitamins to maintain healthy function. Vitamins A, B, and C are three examples of the vitamins we all need, and they can be found in many common foods in our daily diet.
The human body needs vitamins to function properly. This paper will discuss some vitamins and tell what they are used for in the body. This paper will also tell what type of foods contain certain vitamins and what happens to the body when it lacks certain vitamins you need. If you eat healthy you'll ge tthe vitamins you need.

Your body needs Vitamin A for your eyes, growth, and for resisting infecton. Vitamin b is used for growth, digestion, and your nerves system. Vitamin c is needed for teeth bones and firm gums.

Green, leafy and yellow vegetables are good sources of vitamin A in dairy products, eggs and liver. Vitamin A is well conserved in cooking. cereals and meats (except pork) are best sources of vitamin B. some of the vitamin is lost in cooking do to heat and water extraction. Citrus fruits and tomatoes are the best sourcesof vitamin c. vitamin c can also be found in many other common fruits and vegetables and is also destroyed in cooking due to heat and water extraction.

If you dont get enough vitamin A in your diet you can get a disease called xerophthalmia. One of the first signs of this disease is night blindness. when your diet lacks vitamin b you can get a disease called beriberi and have a lack of appetite. "there seems to be conditions in which vitamins are not absorbed in the body, it may be necessary to give thiamine(vitammin b1) in amounts beyond those ordinarilly taken." (pg 2109 health encyclopedia) Lacking vitamin c will cause a conditon known as scurvy, symptoms include gum bleeding.

To get the vitamins you need you must eat healthy. vitamin deficiency can cause many serious health health problems. You can get your vitamins from common foods in your diet. To function properly your body must have vitamins.

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This section contains 322 words
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