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Charcter Summary of Romeo

Summary: Provides a brief character study of Romeo from the William Shakespeare romantic tragedy, Romeo and Juliet.
I picked Romeo for my character study because I was interested in knowing more about Romeo and I found out that Romeo is:

1st: Romantic

2nd: Strong

3rd: Main Character

  1. st: In the story I found out that Romeo is romantic because he falls in love with Juliet the girl of his dream and he couldn't stop seeing her everyday he fell in deepest part of love which is "True Love" and since the day he met her to the last second of his life he stayed beside her and would give his life up for her. The name Romeo even matches with the word Romantic
  2. nd: I think that Romeo is a very strong character because he had a lot of fights with his enemies and Romeo never lost in a fight because he is alive and if he lost any of the fights he will DIE! Romeo is strong because he had a strong heart killing Tybalt and plus he winning the fight against him.
  3. rd: I included the Main Character (Romeo) in my character study because a story should have a main character and the title of the story is "The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet." A main character has an important role in the story like Romeo. He was the main character because it was a story of him getting in love with Juliet at first sight and dieing or killing himself for her.
I decided to pick Romeo because he was an interesting character, and as I mentioned he is Romantic, Strong, and the Main character which means he plays a big role in the story. My conclusion that was Romeo was a great character in the story and fits every single play in the story.

This section contains 293 words
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