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Nuclear Waste

Summary: Describes the tragedy of Chernobyl and the problems with the disposal of nuclear waste.
Accidents happen, which is exactly what happened at the Chernobyl nuclear plant within the former Soviet Union. The scientists at this plant were conducting illegal tests on nuclear reactors, and the reactor within the plant bagan to boil at above safe temperatures. This caused a state of emergency and radiation levels in the area streatched so far that were able to be detected as far as Western Europe. After researching this incident, I am feel sad and disgusted with how the situation was dealt with and how it came to be. I do not belive that the Soviet scientists should have been conducting illegal tests for the sake of nuclear interests, but if something is reported as a safety hazard, especaily when it pertains to nuclear reactors, then it is nothing to be tinkered with. I also belive that the government's methods of communication with their citizens was very negligent. To start, they did not evacuate or inform the surrounding people for 36 hours after the nuclear malfunction, which is a terrible danger to the people.

I belive that because of the threat of US nuclear power, the Soviet Union was faced with no other choice but to compete if it wanted to have any competitiveness within world politics. I think that the idea of developing nuclear weaponry, which was what the United States and the Soviet Union were doing at the time, should have stopped a long time before the Chernobyl incident due to its high risk, which both countries were previously aware of. The U.S. as a worldwide influence throughout recent history, should have been much more responsible in controling our own dangers along wiht the worlds. If we would have called for an end to nuclear development the incident may have been prevented.

This is only further evidence tampering with nuclear warfare is too dangerous and deadly to the world. The process in which these chemicals are tested is much too unstable, such as the Chernobyl incident clearly points out. Hopefully, our new world leaders will be albe to reason enough to find alternate ways to solve disputes and put an end to nuclear testing.

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