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Advertising of Tabacco Products

Summary: The tabacco industry's reduced influenced in advertising,a nd what businesses are doing to promote the cessation of smoking.
Television networks have gone from containing tobacco commercials, to no tobacco commercials, to having anti-tobacco commercials. The message being sent mainly to teens is that tobacco kills, tobacco is bad, using tobacco is not the cool thing to do. Now that we have taken these large steps towards doing away with tobacco, what's the next step we can take? Not only are these adds on television but they are also in magazines and on the Internet. Some websites such as and are completely devoted to spreading the information about the hazards of smoking. This is pretty selfless advertising that we have here, wouldn't you say"

We may have constant little reminders from our televisions and from magazines, but when a person is addicted to smoking and dipping, little reminders aren't going to push them into quitting. Perhaps what our communities need are facilities to offer help tobacco/nicotine addicts get on the right track. After visiting the community center in the town of Vienna you can see that there are a few posters that portray smoking as a nasty habit. Unfortunately when you look up in the booklet of activities and clubs for Vienna residents to participate in, there is no group therapy to help smokers and dippers. At this point tobacco ads are more restricted and limited, so why not fund companies that produce products like Nicoderm and Nicorette; which are products that helps make quitting smoking a bit easier. Although words can be influencing, helping rather then telling could save and help many more lives. If the help was increased, tobacco industries could go out of business within years.

Many private businesses are making their facilities smoke-free environments. Places such as restaurants, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, and movie theatres proudly prohibit smoking. All other public places should consider taking a stand as well against smoking. There are approximately 295,000,000 people living in America today, of which an estimated 25.6 million men (25.2 percent) and 22.6 million women (20.7 percent) are smokers. The smoking population is the minority. In this case the majority is the main priority. The next step to a smoke-free America is to start getting involved.

This section contains 363 words
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