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Cry, the Beloved Country

Summary: Reviews the story Cry, the Beloved Country. Discusses the restoration of South Africa.
"Cry, the beloved country, for the unborn child that is the inheritor of our fear."

There is a need of restoration in South Africa. The people of Ndotsheni cease to exist. It used to be a beautiful place full of life, but now nature has taken another turn. The land is unkept for. It no longer can provide enough for the people. The young have gone to seek life elsewhere, leaving behind old folks, mother's, and children. The natives do not have the same privleges as the whites.

There is fear in the hearts of the people that holds them captive of restoration. The fear shared is of crime, death, loss, family and tribal tradition break-up, and lack of knowledge. Especially amongst natives. Lack of education leads to improper use of land, leaving it bare and unable to produce.

But the strong, loving relationship shared between a poor native, Stephen Kumalo, and a rich white, James Jarvis, lead to the restoration of their hometown Ndotsheni. They both undergo hardships relating to eachother with situations dealing with their sons. These dealings open their eyes to the real importance of their lives and the basis of their troubles. Many wonderful deeds are passed through James Jarvis and Stephen Kumalo.

There is hope in the restoration of South Africa. The people of Ndotsheni are apart of this decay amongst their families and community. They need to allow themselves to be apart of the solution. Free themselves of the bondage of fear and fear of bondage. Not mattering about the color of a person, or how much money they have. What matters is who can do the job of working together to restore the land for a better life shared with their community and the people of it.

This section contains 296 words
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