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A Series of Unfortunate Events

Summary: In the book, The Bad Beginning, by Lemony Snicket, the three Baudularies, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny are the orphens who are extreamly unlucky.
Three Baudularies, Violet,Klaus, and Sunny. These are the orphens who are extreamly un-lucky.

Violet is one of the most finest inventors in the world. She is 14 and is the oldest Baudulaire. When Violet ties her hair up with a ribbon, She is thinking of inventing thoughts.

Klaus, is the the middle Baudularie and the only boy.He is 12 years old and has glasses, that make him look smart. He was smart. More than smart. Klaus is the most finest readers of them all. He knows who killed Julis Caser, he can tell a alligator from a crocadile. And he knows every slimy creature at Briny Beach, where they are now.Sunny, is the youngest. She is only an infent and smaller than a boot. Sunny has a rare gift. She has 4 very sharp teeth and loves to bite things. She is often called, "The can opener." Also, she talks in shrieks and she says some words. The Baudularies were at Briny Beach having fun when Mr. Poe, from the bank said that there parents had perished in a fire that completey destroyed there home. They were to go live with Count Olaf. He lived in the awfulest house on the block. He was terribley mean and made them cook dinner. Did I say that the Baudularies were very rich and hade a fortune. Count Olaf had tried everything to get that fortune. Then he had the most evilest plan. He was going to marry Violet in the play, The marvolus marriage. So he captured sunny and put her in a tower. He said that if Violet wouldn't marry him, he would drop sunny out of the tower. they went to the play and Violet signed the contract saying she will marry him. Alas, She signed with her left hand and she is right handed. The law clearly states the bride must sign the form with the hand she is comterable with. Count Olar failed. Sunny was saved and they did not live with Count Olaf.

This section contains 338 words
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