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Wake Up

Summary: Living in Unite States from the perspective of various people from differing cultures provides insight into our own lives.
Elmer Boyles's Mom was a pretty nurse in an Arctic. Once she fell in love with a sailor and she got pregnant without married. The sailor went away to the sea and she ruined her reputation and her nursing job. So after Elmer was born, his trouble started at that time. He had grown up without any friends or any other clothes because his Mom couldn't afford any money to buy it for him. So mostly he was alone all the time by himself in the woods, to filling up his emptiness inside him by acquainted with birds and animals. He grew up in theses harsh situations which made him very strong toward certain conditions and well determinate n matter how bad the situation was, but he also isolated himself from others.

2) Gotthart Snider is described as a "big, mean, overgrown bully." How do these personality traits get in the way of his understanding the communities in which he lives? Provide a brief character sketch of Gotthart Snider, and compare it with your description of Elmer Boyle.


Gotthart was the son of a German butcher and always a troublemaker in school and out. He always kicked Elmer around. His situation was totally opposite of Elmer's. So, he grew up in a pretty good condition which taught him nothing about the real society.

He thought things in a very simple format, so he has no responsibility on anything. He stole money and got caught, so he got a stiff prison term. After he got out, obviously his home town was welcome him at all. He went to North and work around the Cobbermine River. As you could tell, he didn't do any good to that job and got kicked out. So his life was pretty severe because of his personality. ."..A man who doesn't take up his duty to work for his needs..." He end up got ate by a bunch of births and bears. As you could see Elmer, even though his childhood was so good but he learned that he

This section contains 344 words
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