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Odysseys as the Ultimate Hero

Summary: In the eyes of ancient Greeks, Odysseus was the ultimate hero because of his bravery and perserverance.
In the eyes of and ancient Greeks Odysseus was the ultimate hero. Odysseus was Brave had tons of perserverance. But at the same time he was still very caring. Odysseus was the ultimate hero because he was able to get through all his tough situations.

Odysseus is an incredibly brave man seen in many people eyes. He saved most of his men from the Cyclopes by putting his life in danger just to save his men. Odysseus Took a risk by bribing the Cyclopes with wine and getting him drunk so he would pass out, when the Cyclopes did Odysseus went up and blinded him by piercing his eye with a white hot stake. Odysseus and his men got away by riding on the under sides of the Cyclops's sheep and escaping back to their ship. By definition a hero is a mythology and legend, a man, often of divine ancestry, who is endowed with great courage and strength, celebrated for his bold exploits, and favored by the gods. When Odysseus sailed to the land of the dead he knew that not many people had made it back alive, but still Odysseus took a chance at risking his life taking the danger that he could die. Odysseus is not only brave but has an abundance of perseverance.

Odysseus's ability to strive for what he wants and to never give up plays a big part in the book The Odyssey of Homer By Homer Christ. During the Entire book Odysseus Struggled to return home to see his family and friends. Through all the tough situations he has encounters he still was able to return home after 20 years of long voyages. The Suitors always made fun of Odysseus but even when he couldn't hold down his emotions he was still able to control himself. " He gritted his teeth and reframed from replying but his he silently plotted his revenge." And Odysseus did just that and plotted to kill the suitors when he had much more strength and when he had help from his friends.

This section contains 344 words
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