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Short Biography of Katherine Paterson

Summary: A short biography of Katherine Paterson, a writer.
Katherine Paterson is a famous author that was born in China. She started writing after she started reading. The first piece of writing that Katherine Paterson was proud of was a letter to her dad. She wrote this when her family was living in Shanghai. Her dad was working in her old home territory. At first Katherine Paterson wanted to be a movie star, which never happened, but she did a lot of acting in school.

Her life truly began as a writer in 1964 when the Presbyterian church asked her to write curriculum materials for fifth and sixth graders. Later on, when she finished collage, she decided to write fiction because she enjoyed it.

Some of Katherine Paterson's books are based on real life experiences. For example, the girlfriend of one of her friends was struck and killed at the age of eight. She loves getting mail from children too. Some hobbies of Katherine Paterson are playing piano and tennis, though badly, she has skill as a seamstress, and loves her family. Other interests are some TV, and reading.

This section contains 181 words
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