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Marlow's Feelings Towards Natives

Summary: Discusses the book Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad. Questions why the sight of Africans shocks Marlow. Explores his treatment of the natives.
Marlow first arrives in Africa and sees human kind in a different perspective and way of life. Marlow is not used to seeing humans in a different color and different culture. Marlow is overcome by seeing the African natives for the first time and the color and way of life.

When Marlow first arrives at the shore of his first stations area he really doesn't know who or what these natives are. He is not as sensible as our modern day standards but he is still more kindly than the other officers at the stations are. But at the start he still refers to them as "black shapes" and "dark things." Marlow is still young and innocent about making assumptions on something new.

Marlow is different from the rest of his fellow companions. He is distinct from them because he has no category that fits him. He is a man who does not represent his class because he crosses boundaries. Marlow doesn't see people differently, he just sees them for who the are not by what class they fit in. He was bothered by the way they were treated because he sees them as regular human beings and how they should be treated. Also he comes from Europe were the have high standards of living and are feed, clothed, and sheltered.

Marlow is shocked when looking at them and is bothered by them. The sight and the way the are treated bothered Marlow. Marlow's feeling towards seeing the natives for the first time is normal and will get used to it as time comes.

This section contains 266 words
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