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Stone Henge

Summary: Provides a brief description of Stone Henge, the stone pillars located North West of Salisbury England.
Stone Henge is North West of Salisbury England on a plain. It is a group of pillars built for a reason unknown to us.

Stone Henge is made up of an outer cicle of 30 grey sand stone pillars, an inner circle made of blue stone an a alter made from sand stone. There are 30 pillars each is 30 feet tall and weigh approxamately 40 tons.

There are no sand stone quaries near stone henge. so the sand stone would have been transported 24 miles. They would have to have used sledges because there was nothing else to use. The blue stonewas proably transported from Wales, which is 250m away. There were no metal tools back then so they proably used smaller stones to shape Stone Henge.

Stone Henge means hang rocks and is about 3700 by carbon dating. People say it was made for religous reasons, some think it was a burial ground and some think it is a calendr but for shore will well never know.

This section contains 165 words
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