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The Usa 1919-1941: the New Deal

Summary: Roosevelt was willing to offer America a New Deal. This could imply that he is eager to try and build America up again form scratch-to give it a fresh start. He was able to give his "fans" large amounts of optimism in his speeches, which he was so well known for, due to his warm, down to earth manner that captured the attention of all. Yet offering the United States a "new Deal" could also be interpreted as a discreet way of attacking Hoover and the way he had run America, it could imply that after having had the latter in charge of the country for a period of time, it was know in need of a serious clean-up.
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§ Q.1: Source A...

I believe people supported Roosevelt in the 1932 elections mainly due to the amount of hope he was able to offer his public in his pre-election speeches. The way he was able to assure people that he was willing to help them re-build America, and that he was willing to put more effort than anybody would usually expect a politician to put in to do so.

This idea is supported by source A; He begins this speech with making a promise, a promise not just to the American people, but to himself as well, by doing this he could be implying that he doesn't see himself as being better than the average American at the time, but was just one more American in need of seeing the end of the depression. Roosevelt also adds that...

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