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Multiculturalism of the United States

Summary: Why multiculturalism in the United States is multi-dimensional, depending upon whether you look at it from a perspective of slavery in American history, as a melting pot of cultural distinction and diversity, or an open door to terrorists.
Through out the history of the United States, multiculturalism would be one of its greatest challenges and also one of its greatest assets. A couple challenges America has faced and continues to face are racism and terrorism. Multiculturism has caused many assets. Such as, a strong economy and very diverse cultures. These challenges and assets has shaped America into what it is today.

Racism has challenged America since its beginning. Racism continues to be a problem in certain parts of the United States. African Americans were bought and sold into slavery. This started in the 1500's when the Europeans imported them from Africa to America. African Americans continued to be used as slaves until the mid-1800's. Racism did not cease there. It continued by means of segration in the 1900's. After people realized that all men were equal racism ceased in the form of segration but continued quietly amoung certain people.

Culturizing America has opened a wide door for terrorism. Terrorism has been a problem not just here in America but also overseas. Terrorist try to weaken our economy by disrupting normal everyday procedures. Such as, traveling on a plane or taking the subway in a major city. Terrorism has failed to put a stop to the economy because our nation is very well established. Terrorism will always be a challenge because our powerful nation is coveted by many unfortunate countries.

Since America consists of many powerful people who come from very diverse cultures the U.S. has a very strong economy. Some american citizens start businesses which turn into huge multi-million dollar companies. America lives off the wealth these companies put out. But most people have small business which help their city thrive.

Another asset from culturizing America is having very diverse cultures. Each culture shares their traditions and ways of life, which makes America subpportive of different cultures. America doesn't just consist of Americans but many diverse people coming from all over the world, these people aid in culturizing America.

Culturizing America proved to be challenging but successful in making America a very powerful nation. America has faced many challenges such as racism and terrorism. We have faced assets including having a strong economy and deverse cultures. These challenges and assets that the United States have endured has shaped it in to what it is today.

This section contains 391 words
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