Student Essay on Differences between the North and South in the 1880's

Differences between the North and South in the 1880's

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There are several large differences between the North and the South in the 1800's. The economies produce different materials, the cities are extremely different, and the population is as well. Comparing the features of the North and South, I discovered that there is an overwhelming amount of differences rather than similarities.

The northern economy vastly differs from the southern economy. While northerners, produce lumber, textiles, etc., the southern economy is based upon agriculture such as cotton, tobacco, rice, sugar, and indigo. The South wanted cheap imports, while the North used a variety of industries and basically anything to do with machinery. Obviously, the difference in location effects the outcome of economy.

Along with the economy, the southern and northern cities are very different as well. While in the North it was popular for people to live in the cities, most southerners lived on farms in small towns along the coast. The South had numerous small towns which were self efficient, and the northern towns were centers of trade and commerce.

Population is a very large difference when it comes to the North and South. The North had a rapid population increase in the early 1800's while the northern population did not gain a lot of immigrants until about 1860. Most immigrants settled in the North rather than in the South. In 1860, the North was populated with about 31 million people, while the South had only 12 million people. Unlike the North, the South owned slaves. Approximately 25 percent of the population were slave owners. Population plays a very large roll concerning why the North and South are different.

These differences greatly effected the nation. Problems most likely erupted everywhere. More immigrants would chose to reside in the North rather than in the southern part of the nation. The South was then unpopulated and were denied jobs. The North then had the advantage when it came to the House of Representatives, so therefore, the slave issue came into play. The South favored the slaves, while the North was against it. The only way that the issue could be fair was in the Senate. Most likely, the differences caused problems between the North and the South.