Student Essay on The Wooing of Ariadne

The Wooing of Ariadne

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The Wooing Of Adriane

"I saw you and I loved you," were the words uttered by Marko Palmas to his beloved Ariadne. Those words express what kind of a man he is. At first he came off as a male chauvinist pig but later the story reveals he is a true romantic at heart. But Marko was also a tenacious man who would stop at nothing to get what he wanted. He was also extravagant in the ways he would try to court Ariadne. For example he went to her house to call on her but instead of talking to him she threw objects at him, but he did not back off.

He also went to meet her father to find out what kind of a woman she was, but her father lets him know that she is stubborn, violent and bad tempered, but that does not stop Marko. His persistence and stubbornness helped him win the girl of his dreams. In conclusion Marko's romantic side shines through at the climax when he pours out his heart to Adriane. After he shows her his real intensions with his speech she finally says the words he had been dying to hear her say "Marko Palmas, You may call on me tomorrow."