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The City as a Suitable Environment for Children

Summary: The city provides a more suitable environment in which children grow up than the country. The city offers a great range of developmental opportunities for children. And the harshness of the city enables a child to grow stronger and to fight for whatever cause he/she believes in.
A child should be provided with the best environment that helps him become a well-adjusted citizen and ensures him success in life. Many argue that a child should grow up in the countryside rather than in a big city,but opinions are shared.However,it is my strong belief that the big city is more suitable for a child to grow up in.

On one hand,it should be taken into account that the city offers a great range of opportunities and a child really needs them to develop harmoniously. From his very early age,he should get accustomed to the conditions that the city's modern life imposes on him.He should get used to the great amount of traffic or the high rate of crime. Furthermore, a child needs to form a well-built education and it is the city that provides him with this possibility.For instance,he has quick access to all means of information and gets better educational opportunities because the schools of a big city surely educate a child in all fields at high standards and, subsequently, gives him a good educational background.

On the other hand, they say that the harsh life in the big city may inflict emotional traumas to the poor child and are totally in favor of the countryside because life there is healthier and offers only good examples of life. No one can contradict the fact that this kind of communities offers perfect examples of family, friendship and union but in today's cruel world these are just ideals. Being educated in the big city a child learns he lives in a cruel society where he should strongly fight for his cause because no one offers him anything freely and without expecting a favor in return.

In conclusion, a child certainly has to grow up in a big city because only this kind of life makes him stronger and,in the long run, this quality helps him achieve his goals.

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