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Essay | The Barber's Decision in "Just Lather, That's All"

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The Barber's Decision in "Just Lather, That's All"

Summary: In the short story, "Just Lather, That's All" by Hernando Téllez, the barber faces a choice between killing Captain Torres with his razor and simply providing him with the perfect shave. The barber chooses to give the shave and thus to preserve his job and his reputation. While the barber condemned himself to an uncertain future, he made the right decision.
The Barber's Decision

"Just Lather... That's All", is a story that impacts since the first paragraph. It is hard to know what the author is trying to explain, but there is always a little bit of suspense. In the story, the decision that the barber had to make is the point that makes everything more interesting. It all begins slowly, then readers get caught in the dilemma that confronts the barber of whether to kill his enemy or to give him the perfect shave.

His thoughts were in a completely conflict; he wanted to take revenge by killing Captain Torres, which had killed many friends part of the rebels. Revenge is not the best option to solve problems; there are many ways to get things back to normal.

The narrator describes the barber's conflict, but never presents the thoughts and feelings of Captain Torres. The barber likes his job, and he seems to be really proud and happy. Proof of this is the way he describes it: .".. I am a good barber, the best in town..." (Téllez, Hernando). How could he betray himself? He had to think in the consequences, because killing does not bring peace; it just provokes anger to other people and makes bigger the problem. He would carry the responsibility by himself, and left behind his career, just for one moment of anger. He had many chances to kill Captain Torres, but his moves were slow as his thoughts. He would get punished, by the government or by the rebels, but nothing is most important than the interior peace. As he said: ."..It was going to be very difficult to explain that I had him right in my hands and let him go peacefully - alive and shaved."

It seems like it took him a big effort to decide, how not to think of losing his great job, his reputation as the best barber.

In summary, the barber made the correct decision; maybe he condemned himself to an uncertain future, but he tried to be congruent and not just kill for revenge. For this reason, he is innocent and a really conscientious man.

This section contains 356 words
(approx. 2 pages at 300 words per page)
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