Student Essay on Character is "To Kill a Mockingbird"

Character is "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee

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Jem Finch is a child who loves to make plays to act out with his sister Scout and his friend Dillon. Jean Louise (Scout) is Jem Finch's sister who likes to play with Jem and Dillon. Dillon is a boy who visits Maycomb (the town where Jem and Scout live). These three people are great friends who form the group that is seen as the neighborhood gang of friends. These friends share the common stories about certain houses in the neighborhood. Boo Radley's house is the house that the group of friends are suspicious about. There are some legends about Boo's house and how he kept his son cooped up for almost twenty years. The children think that the man goes out at night and kills cats and peeks in peoples windows. They go around and try to get Boo to come out. They have many bad plans to get Boo to come out of his house many of which could have killed him in the. The parent of Jem and Scout is Atticus the town lawyer who is currently defending a black man and is hated by many people for doing that. He is involved in the case of his lifetime. The Finches (Jem, Scout, and Atticus) cook and maid's name is Calipurna. She is the one who tries to keep the boys out of trouble and even punishes them when they carry out one of their crazy schemes they have to get Boo out of his house. Mrs. Maudie is one of the friendly neighborhood helpers. She lets the group of friends play in her yard and often gives them a cake to take home or cookies and lemonade. Mrs. Dubose is an old lady who gets mad at anything the gang of friends. This whole neighborhood works as a unit to create the things that are typical of a neighborhood.