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Jack's the Devil in "Lord of the Flies"

Summary: An analysis of Jack in William Golding's "Lord of the Flies" shows that he is the central divisive character, a power-hungry boy who leads the others, symbolically, from the Garden of Eden.
The novel Lord of The Flies is the way of William Golding of representing the Eden of Garden with two characters that represent the gap between two different personalities. Jack that is a conflictive person makes the group separate into two. There are some things that really show this character is the cause of conflict in the book.

Science the beginning of the novel, Jack seems to be a power-hungry individual. He is an individual that continuously looks for power. This shows us Jack is a boy with a desire of becoming a leader. "I ought to be chief, because I'm chapter chorister and head boy", (pg 22) these confirm that Jack wants power over all other things. He represents the major of our society making the ideas of our community. These types of people are unable to follow orders of others. Jack is not capable of being under the direction of Ralph.

Jack rapidly gets in charge of the hunters, a group of boys that had to gather the meat for the whole group. These boys filled with enthusiasm decide to hunt a pig, Jack shows his savage personality. Before starting to hunt a pig Jack orders the hunters to paint their own faces with clay in a native manner. Jack also orders the hunters to dress like native people to hunt, "Some of the boys wore black caps but otherwise they were almost naked." (pg 68). Jack does not only act in this way, he also makes his group aggressive and also savage. When the hunters returned with a pig they had hunted, they all sang, "Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood." (pg 69). An act that foreshadows the savage that is about to corrupt the island.

Jack is as important to the book as Devil to God. Without one the other could not exist. Jack shows an attitude towards life that is shown by the people that succeed in the world. This way of approaching life is a manner in which people with these characteristics take advantage of the followers. With his salvage attitude he is encouraging aggressiveness, and maintaining his power and respect from the rest of the group.

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