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Summary: An overview of various aspects of boxing and what one needs to do in order to become a successful boxer.
Did you know boxing was created by the Romans back in the earlier existence and entertainment? Boxing has been a part of or lives and American culture since we were all young. The insides and out of boxing are going to be explained in this essay; everything from the simple jab to the south paw fighting stance.

The gyms the place to be if you're learning or want to learn to box, please trust me i know from experience. When you're set on boxing not only do you have to focus your mind on it, but also your body. Boxing isn't all about how many KOs (knock outs) or DRPS (defensive or retaliation points), but it's you're bodies limit. By this, I mean you're stamina, you cannot come into a fight go for three rounds and flatline. When you go to the gym push yourself past your max, so that when you are in a match you'll already be prepared.

Once you've started conditioning it's time to learn the basics. First you need to choose a fighting style; This style will help you excel your fighting style to an all time high. There are two main styles, one being the south paw. South Paw is an off balanced sort of hobbled looking stance; your jab and hooks can be dramatically effected if not taught right. The style itself has your right foot planted hard south or back, left foot lined parrallel and steady to your shoulder, and punches are to be thrown from your planted right foot. Asian is the second most common but more effective and head up with your opponent. The style has your feet parrellel and lined up side by side allowing motion evenly to either side; when jabbing or throwing a punch you may pick which foot to step in with.

In the end when you think about boxing, think of what it takes to do actually box. When boxing you're in a permanent workout program by which everything is planned and scheduled. A diet is a necessity by which you should follow to stay in shape. Your fighting style can only be improved and is key to a fight and victory, so continue to use what you've learned to excel. Boxing is an art and we should all try and master it somehow someday.

This section contains 391 words
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