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Events of the "Saint Valentine's Day Massacre"

Summary: The events surrounding the organized gangster violence that took place on Februrary 14, 1929, in Chicago. This well-known "Saint Valentine's Day Massacre" was masterminded by Al Capone, and it helped contribute to his downfall.
It was a date in history that will not be forgotten a night in Chicago that will always be remembered and a night that will be relived. On Valentine's Day 1929, one of the most spectacular mob hits in gang history took place it is known as the St. Valentine's Day Massacre and this is its story.

The valentine's massacre took pace in the building S-M-C Cartage Company. A group of men had gathered at the warehouse that morning, set up by a Detroit gangster who told Moran that a truck was on its way to Chicago. They where waiting for a hijacked truckload of Canadian whiskey. The truckload was late and the seven men waiting there had a surprise in store for them.

While the seven men where waiting in the building for the truck a cop car pulled to the front 3 cops came out and two men dressed normally. They went into the building and gun shots where fired the 5 men came back out got into the car and drove away. The neighbours went to check it out and saw seven dead bodies on the floor and machine gun bullets on floor and on wall. This was the worked of criminal mastermind Al Capone.

George Bugs Moran was hired to go meet the seven men but was late so when he got to the warehouse the cop car had already arrived and after hearing the gun shots he got out of there with this other guy. He later told the newspaper this was only the work of one guy Al Capone." Only Capone kills guys like that" said Bugs Moran after learning that seven of his men had been killed in a warehouse on Clark Street.

February 14, 1929 the beginning of the downfall of great criminal master mind Al Capone. Capone was the biggest gangster of that time he had power all around Chicago and every where else in the states. Capone was responsible for the valentine's massacre and because of that night his great criminal power all around the states was beginning to end. The people where tired of the things happening in there city and in there country and that lead to Capone's arrest.

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