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Pictures of Hollis Woods - Characters

Summary: Hollis Woods never felt like she fit in with any of her foster homes until meeting one eldery woman. This essay describes the main characters of the book in detail.Patricia Reilly Giff Pictures of Hollis Woods

There are many important characters in this book. The main character, of course, would have to be Hollis Woods.

Hollis Woods was left in the woods by her parents with no blanket and was sent to foster homes all her life. She was known as a "mountain of trouble" because she was always running away from the homes she was sent to if she didn't like them. She never goes to school and has just found a home she likes. Her foster parent was Josie and she as an old art teacher who is losing her memory and now Hollis must be taken away from her. She also was sent to another home she really liked over the summer. That was the Regan family.

In the Regan family there was Izzy who was the mother, the Old Man who was the father, and Stephan who was the son. Hollis got along with everyone in the family. She could always talk to Izzy who would make candy and try to keep things under control. The Old Man and Stephan were always fighting but still loved each other. Stephan and Hollis made very good friends and were always doing everything together. She mentions Stephan a lot in her flashbacks. Now there's a new addition to the family, her name is Christina and is a six-week-old baby girl that Izzy just had. Christina made the family complete for Hollis.

Another character in the book would be "the mustard woman." She's the one who is arranging homes for Hollis. She has earned the name the mustard woman from Hollis who saw her for the first time with a large mustard stain on her sweat pants. Hollis isn't too fond of her because she's going to take Hollis away from Josie. Hollis is actually happy with Josie and isn't considering running away from her anytime at all. She's setting her up with another home because of Josie's memory problem.

Those are all the characters in Pictures of Hollis Woods that were significant to Hollis

This section contains 342 words
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