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Enzyme Deficiency

Summary: A short overview of enzyme deficiency, a serious disorder caused by a genetic defect. Enzyme deficiency can lead to many kinds of diseases, and at present only one sure cure has been developed.
Enzyme deficiency is caused by a genetic defect in the debrancher enzyme. It greatly affects the breakdown of glucose in the body. The disease is a recessive trait that must be present in both parents for it to affect the child. For most people the symptoms can include loss of mental and physical functions, and a premature death. For these reasons, the disease is taken very seriously.

There are many kinds of diseases related to Enzyme deficiency including Aspartylglucosaminuria, Fucosidosis, and Galactosialidosis. Each of these is a different kind of enzyme that is missing in the person's body. Although, they are not truly different diseases, they are smaller parts of the Glycoprotein Disease. The disease happens in the Lysosome of a Cell. Sugars are constantly being broken down and reused. In people with Enzyme deficiency there is a genetic defect which prevents sugars from being broken down. This will cause sugar to build up, and can cause severe heal issues.

Currently the only sure has come out of the lab of Doctor Stephen Barrett. His drug is called Nu-Zymes. This drug is supposed to add the enzymes that the body is missing. Nu-Zymes does this by breaking down fats in sugars in the body taking the job of the Lysosome in the body. This drug could help thousands of people with there enzyme deficiency problem.




This section contains 242 words
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