Student Essay on The Robe

The Robe by Lloyd C. Douglas

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The Melodramatic acting, the fake scenery and the unpleasant music work together to form a movie with lots of boredom. The Robe won 5 academic awards, with Richard Burton as the main character (Marcellus), which emphasizes that the movie did great in some areas; it was boring in some aspects and very thrilling, exciting and interesting in other aspects and dimensions.

The Movie The Robe re-enacts the book The Robe and it tells the reader about an audacious Roman Soldier named Marcellus who crucifies Christ, gambles and wins his robe and later through the help of Peter and his Corinth Slave gives up his life for the same person he crucified.

The Melodramatic acting happened when Marcellus meets his fiancée Diana on an island name Capri and when he tells Diana he's gone insane, Marcellus ducks his head quickly on Diana's shoulder. Not to be much of a Critique, Putting ourselves in their shoes and in their time, We'd probably have thought differently if the movie was seen in the 50's.

The Fake Scenery occurs when Marcellus is being chased by other Roman soldiers when he rescues Demetrius from the execution and torturing of Caligula the new Emperor of Rome after Tiberius, Marcellus and the soldiers jump over a wall and the display of their shadows shows the incapability of the actors in that scene. The Unpleasant Music also occurs when the Music changes randomly and suddenly when the scenes change, ex: In Rome, At the cross of Jesus,etc.

Marcellus fortunately gives up his life for Jesus Christ, his very first crucifixion and his only savior later in the movie, Diana joins Marcellus when Caligula orders that Marcellus be killed and the Robe was handed over to Peter. While they are being taken away and Caligula mocks them saying "They're going to a better place! They're going to a better place!"

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