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Summary: A Book review on Night, by Elie Wiesel. A story of a young boy in a Jewish concentration camp.
Elie Wiesel, a strong hearted, religious, well-read teenage boy, experiences the worst thing that could possibly happen. He and his family are transferred to a Jewish concentration camp in the 1940s. There, they must endure the brutal work, which is forced upon them and all the other Jews at the camp with barely any food or water. Elie must witness the death of his family and friends. Any belief he has in God becomes demolished.

In my opinion, the book Night was very touching. As I read Night, it made the holocaust seem much more real to me. I mean, I had always known about the holocaust and what sort of things occurred during it, but I had always considered it more of a story than an actual event. After reading this book, however, the holocaust really came to life for me. It brought great realization to me about how horrible the holocaust actual was, and the terror, which struck all Jews at the time. I knew that terrible things happened in the concentration camps, for example, but the way Elie describes the exact events that happened gave me a knowledge of just how terrible everything was, and gave me a better comprehension of how the Jews must have felt.

I would definitely recommend the book Night to my friends and family. I would pretty much recommend it to anyone who likes both sad and very well written stories, historical autobiographies, or stories about the holocaust. I would recommend this book because it not only informs the reader of how terrible life in a concentration camp was itself, but instead also tells one just how much it changed Elie's life. Elie first off tells us how his life was before he and his family's deportation and the huge transition they had to undertake in leaving their home and all their belongings. Through the rest of the book Elie shows us how the holocaust tore apart his family, his mother and sister being separated from him right off the bat. I think Night, by Elie Wiesel, is a fabulous memoir.

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