Student Essay on Beowulf

Beowulf by Gareth Hinds

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Between real life and stories we can relate. In the short story Beowulf there is relating levels to the Anglo-Saxon life such as heroes and villains, which relate to anything in Beowulf. Grendel, monsters in the sea, and Grendel's mother are all monsters that Beowulf has to fight in the short story Beowulf.

Grendel can be representing a pest in Anglo-Saxon life, because the people of Herot went through annoyances with Grendel about him killing all there peoples and warriors. Grendel also is a prime example on how the Angelo-Saxons got rid of pest and monsters; they simply got either a group of strong warriors or a hero to help them.

The monster in the sea is another great example, simply because in Beowulf, the scene in which Brecca took a challenge with Beowulf. Brecca said that he could out swim Beowulf in a ocean race and when Beowulf won he waited for Brecca because Brecca was left behind, that relates to Angelo-Saxon Because you never leave behind anyone that is battling with you.

Grendel's Mother relates to the Angelo-Saxon culture by, in the story she is the point of evil in which Beowulf has to destroy. In the Angelo-Saxon culture the women in the society were the pleasant ones doing everything for the men, but in Beowulf the only women was Grendel's Mother.

the Angelo-Saxon culture was related to the examples above which were Grendel's Mother, Monsters of the sea, and Grendel. This shows we can relate between an old Short story and a culture that was around the same timeline.