Student Essay on Is Pygmalion a Romance?

Is Pygmalion a Romance? by George Bernard Shaw

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Roses, candles, kisses and chocolates are all a common reminder of romance. But can romance be more than these stereotypical subjects? How can you tell when something is romantic or not? Where does it cross the line? In George Bernard Shaws, Pygmalion, there are some romantic aspects but on the surface it is a common story of a proper man helping an improper woman. Is Pygmalion a Romance"

Eliza Doolittle is not at all a romantic figure at the beginning of the play. She seems to defy any normal ideals that are perceived about a romantic heroine. The first impression we get of her is a poor flower girl that has a very strong, whiny personality. "I ain't done

nothing wrong by speaking to the gentleman. I've a right to sell flowers if I keep off the kerb." This is our first view of Eliza standing up for her self and not being outspoken. This foreshadows a girl that would not be good in a reletionship because in the time this book is set, a woman was to obey the man and let him do the big talk.

While Eliza is waiting for the rain to stop two men have been observing her and one makes a bet than he can change this cockney speaking flower-girl into a well-spoken "duchess." These to men, Professor Higgins a scientist of phonetics and Colonel Pickerinngs a linguist of Indian Dialects, throw her some change as they walk away. Soon Eliza shows up on the labortory of Professor Higgns door steps. This is when the bonding process between Higgins and Eliza begins.

For a number of months Higgns trains Eliza to speak properly, doing this they are spending a lot of time together. Liked or not time is a valuble subject in a romantic reletionship. These characters might now know it but they are geting into a deep friendship .Mrs Higgins states