Student Essay on Review of The Pearl

Review of The Pearl by John Steinbeck

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The pearl is a story about an native family, Kino, Juana and Coyotito living in La Paz. The starting of the story has a safe and satisfied feeling of home, which is a start of a predictable day. Unfortunately, a scorpion appeared and stung Coyotito. Juana, the baby's mother, sucked most of the poison from her baby and told Kino to bring the baby to the doctor, which is a very uncommon thing for a native woman to tell a man what to do.The doctor, being greedy and a racist, refused to treat the baby without a large sum of money. Kino immediately went to the river, hoping to find a good pearl to get money in order to pay to visit the doctor. Kino then found the pearl of the world, a very large and shiny pearl. Kino was overjoyed for at that time, Coyotito, poison was gone and he knew he would not live in poverty anymore. But soon, Kino got greed and wanted the pearl buyers to pay a lot of money for the pearl. The white people got angry and wanted to kill Kino in order to get the pearl. Kino and his family had no choice but to escape into the mountains. Unfortunately, the trackers followed them. Kino managed to kill the trackers, but in his killing frenzy he accidentally killed his son, Coyotito. The ending of the story brought a new hope for Kino and Juana returned back to their town and threw away to the pearl, which they finally understood that it brings only greed and evil.