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Ordinary People - Control

Summary: Discusses the novel, Ordinary People, by Judith Guest. Examines the main theme of control and describes how Conrad learned how to gain control of his life.
Judith Guest shows the reader that for one to succeed on a quest for order one must go through different events and have their ups and downs. In the book Ordinary People, the main character,Conrad goes thorugh a series of events during the quest for order. He expriences the loss of innocence when his brother dies, he expriences the questing, seeking, searching stage when he talks about his problems, and he also goes through the resolution stage by figuring things out.

This author thinks that if one gains control they might be able to control their surroundings. Berger explains to Con about controlling his anger and Con learns how to gain control. For example, When his dad tells him that his mom has gone on a trip and wouldn't be back for a while, Con was ready to snap at his dad, but he then realized that he had matured he had to calm down. Con, "Why did she do that? Was she in such a damn hurry she couldn't even say good-bye"" "Never mind. I know why." Dad, " No, you don't---" Con, "yeah, I do. And I see your problem, too. You just can't come out with it, can you? First you have to check around, make sure there aren't any razor blades---" Dad, "That's not funny! You think that's funny"" Con, "No," "I'm sorry."

My belief on all this is that you have to go through alot of events in order to go through the quest for order. I agree with the author about gaining control. I think that if one gains control they would be able to control their actions and emotions. It would be eaiser for them to get around in life, if everything in this world relies on control.

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