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Corruption in Lord of the Flies

Summary: Discusses the theme of corruption in chapter 5 of the William Golding novel, Lord of the Flies.
At the platform, Ralph blew the conch and called an assembly. He blamed the boys for their failure to not follow the rules. They hadn't started doing things they needed to do: building shelters, getting water, looking after the signal fire, and not even using their toilet area. He told them the importance of each of these rules. The boys were becoming corrupt and not doing what was for their own good. They were not doing their duties, were violating the rules, and acting crazy. At the end of the chapter, Jack decided to have a pig hunt, and all the kids except Ralph, Piggy, and Salmon left. The rest went to have fun killing pigs and finding the "beast." Ralph, Piggy, and Salmon are the only ones who are civilized and not savages. The corruption is bringing their society to their downfall.

We have corruption in our world too. I think the current president of America is corrupt, because he spent 200 billion dollars on the Iraqi war, to fight terrorism. This was because over 2000 people where killed in America. But he has already killed more innocent Iraqs than the total number of civilians that where killed in the Trade Centers. Last week, a natural disaster hit Asia. A earthquake and tsunami killed over 150,000 civilians and left over 5 million civilians without anything -- no food, clothes, shelter. Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and Indonesia were affected. And Bush gave only 350 million dollars for these people. Bush is very corrupt and is the reason why the economy of America is currently very low, along with the American dollar also being an all time low. America had a chance to pick a new president, but decided to forgive him for his mistakes. When you have that much power and are responsible for the lives of that many people, these kind of mistakes are not acceptable. With the proper use of all the money that goes to the government and a better government system with no corrupt rulers, we could help get rid of poverty.

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