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An Evaluation of the Vietnam War

Summary: Examines American involvement in the Vietnam War. Describes causes of the war. Explores what role communism played in the start of the war.
The Vietnamese War was a war of confusion, biasness, and competition (against the USSR). Results of the Vietnam War were tragic, thousands of lives lost, the brutal aftermath of chemicals such as Agent Orange. Americans even killed the South Vietnamese whose government was on their side.

The Vietnam conflict started because a man named Ho Chi Ming introduced communism to Vietnam. The people of North Vietnam wanted Vietnam to be a communist country, but the people of South Vietnam didn't. So South Vietnam decided to separate from North Vietnam. North Vietnam did not like the way that South Vietnam dealt with the situation, and this caused a war.

Confusion. In Vietnam friendly fire was common. The United States soldiers often shot innocent civilians if those civilians were suspected communist or related to the civilians. Some weapons, such as Agent Orange, the United States did not know about, and later had a brutal aftermath. Hundreds of Americans died from cancer. It destroyed what before were fully matured farm lands, and homes. These effects made those areas almost uninhabitable. When all of America viewed the torturing of the Vietnamese through journalism, the President knew their reaction was to such a point that he would never get re-elected, he didn’t run, and his party lost the election.

Biasness. The United States refused to look at the facts that in a democracy, people vote for what they want, and they were not allowing the people of Vietnam to be communist. One of the main reasons this war was started was not because the United States was afraid for the Southern Vietnamese or even though people argue the Domino Theory it was no that, yet because they were in a competition with Russia. As I said in the Social Studies debate, “Vietnam is equivalent to Canada, no on would care what they choose, and nothing would happen through what they choose.”

Competition. If it had not had been for the Cold War the Vietnam war would have never occurred. Throughout history there have been instances such as this, but in none has the United States been more ignorant.

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