Student Essay on Maniac Magee Part Iii Summary

Maniac Magee Part Iii Summary by Jerry Spinelli

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Maniac was waiting. He was waiting for death to come. But it didn't. There were voices. He went over to see who was there and ended up seeing two little boys. They told him their names were Piper and Russell and that they were going to run away to México. They must have been about eight years old. He knew that they weren't going to make it to México so he told them he was a pizza delivery boy. He told them to go home with him and he'd tell them a shortcut to México. The little boys turned out to be none other than John McNab's little brothers. Inside their house was nauseating. Garbage was everywhere. Roaches were crawling all over the floor and in the Refrigerator there was nothing but beer and mustard. Maniac and the little boys made a deal. If Russell and Piper went to school he would show them the shortcut to México. When the day came for Maniac to tell, he just gave them a pizza and said, "next week" One week later, Piper said he didn't want pizza. He wanted famous Maniac Magee to go in Finsterwald's backyard for ten minuets. Maniac obliged. They told him to do more things they thought were scary. He did the. Then they told him to go into the East End. He did. While he was in the East End he met up with Mars Bar. He challenged Maniac to a race. Maniac won by running backwards but, Maniac felt like a showoff. Maniac was invited to Piper's B-day party. He said he would only come if he could bring someone along with him. He brought Mars. But, before he brought Mars to the McNab's he brought him to the Pickwell's to show him the best of the whites. When they got to the party, the McNabs weren't very pleased about Mars. They decided to play rebels. It was black verses white and it did not end up well. Maniac ran all over Two Mills the next day because he was upset about the previous events. Mars was following Maniac unnoticed. Maniac heard Russell scream. He was stuck on the trestle track. Maniac was too scared to save him so Mars did. After that Maniac went back to Amanda's, back to school, back to an Address and Back to love.