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Maniac Magee Part II Summary

Summary: Summarizes part 2 of the novel Maniac Magee, by Jerry Spinelli.
After Maniac ran from the Beale's, he headed for the buffalo pen in the West End Zoo. That is when Grayson saw him. Grayson went over to Maniac and picked him up. "The kid looks like a pile of dung", thought Grayson. He brought Maniac underneath the band shell and laid him on a chest protector. "You okay kid"" said Grayson. "I'm fine" said Maniac. Then Grayson gave Maniac some food and water. Then Grayson asked where maniac lived? Maniac said, "Well, I did live on 2078 Sycamore Street" in East End." Then Grayson scraped some dirt off of Maniac's arm to see if he was really white! From then on a friendship was blossomed

Grayson, a pitcher famous for his stoopball in his day only made it to the Minors. One day Maniac took green paint and on the band shell wall he painted 101 and called it home. So, Grayson moved in with Maniac and Maniac taught Grayson how to read. Then it was Thanksgiving. They ate all the dinner that Maniac prepared and both of them agreed it was their best Thanksgiving ever. Then after dinner, they listened to a Thanksgiving polka on Grayson's old record player and went to bed. Christmas came. Inside the band shell, it was a spectacular sight to see. Decorations everywhere and in the corner.... was it a colossal ornament? No, it was Maniac's and Grayson's Christmas tree! Gifts were exchanged. Grayson got a hat, some gloves, and a book. But, that was no ordinary book, it was a book that Maniac himself had made for Grayson to read. Maniac got a new baseball and Grayson's old baseball glove. Then they agreed that it was there preeminent Christmas ever. Five days later the old man died.

At the funeral it was the most horrible sight you have ever seen. Pall bearers smoking, the grave digger getting intolerant, and no minister. Maniac waited and waited for the minister but he was not coming. So, Maniac ran, ran as fast as he could. Away from the graveyard, away from the cold corpse of Grayson, and away from the band shell his home. He Ran

This section contains 360 words
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