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The Red Pony

Summary: A short book report on The Red Pony, by John Steinbeck. Discusses setting, major characters and provides a summary of the novel.
Title: The Red Pony

Author: John Steinbeck

Publisher: Penguin Books, New York, 1992

Setting (s):A ranch

Major Characters: Jody, Billy Buck, and Carl Tiflin

Summary: Jody gets a red pony from his father, Carl Tiflin. He named him Gabilan which means hawk in Spanish. Billy Buck, the ranch helper, assisted Jody to train, brush, and feed Gabilan. Just as Jody was about to teach Gabilan to let him ride him, Gabilan gets sick. So Billy Buck and Jody tries to save him. Unluckily, one night Gabilan runs away. The next morning Jody finds vultures preying on the corpse.

Reaction:I liked this book because Jody and Billy was a hard-working team of raising Gabilan and learning about him. Jody also discovers about the ways of nature and the ways of a man. I also recommend this book because it is a classic tale and the moments in a young man's coming of age. This is a great book.

This section contains 160 words
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