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America's President

Summary: An essay describing the appropriateness of George W. Bush and his presidency for the United States of America
On November 4, the United States of America received the president they deserved, and a man who represents them. He's a little dumb and simple minded, but he certainly makes up for it with his self confidence and arrogance. He may not understand the way the world works but he assures his supporters that God is on his side and that you either "Stand for him or against him." He is a man that lets no facts get in the way of his obscene opinions and theories of how the world works.

He is man brave enough to go against the whole world even when the world points out his horrible war mongering mistakes. He stands for the people when he is willing to cut taxes and expand government despite a national debt of 7,000,000,000,000.

God is on the side of George W. Bush and he will continue to insist God told him to invade Iraq. He will continue on his invasion into Iran and Syria(but not North Korea who actually has WMD's). While the rest of the world is stunned by his barbarism and inconsistency, America's president continues onto his own agenda.

Despite the fact of a village in Texas missing its idiot, President Bush helps provide a clear path for the United States and its truly REPRESENTATIVE government.

This section contains 221 words
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