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Friendship in Huckleberry Fin

Summary: Discusses the theme of friendship in Mark Twain's classic novel Huckleberry Finn. Relates the text to personal friendships.
Friendship can be expressed in many different ways. friendship is like a bond made up of different characteristics such as individuality,trustand always reliable. Huck, Tom and Jim are perfect examples of what friendship should be.

Huck displays friendship by loyalty. He is totally loyal to Jim even though they are not together. When seperation occurs he is always coming back to Jim. For example when Tom meets with the Grangerfords, it is as if he completely forgot about Jim. Although when the fighting happens and ends Huck returns to Jim.

Jim has trust in Huck. He always depends on Huck. He is always waiting for Huck. Jim also cares for Huck and thinks of Huck as his only hope. Jim and Huck build on each other as time passes by or as they continue their journey along the river.

Tom puts the fun in friendship. He's always up to something and comes up with brilliant schemes. huck looks to tom as a role model. he follows tom. Tom has always been there for Huck especially when it came to getting away from the widow. he also helped Jim escape from slavery. When there is trouble, Tom makes sure that no one is left behind.

Sadly i have never experienced this kind of bond. i'm unable to compare my passed friendships with the three characters. instead of always being there for someone in need i'm always gone or i moved away. i leave them behind and i don't want to. i'm waiting and wishing for a bond like theirs and i'm sure i will find one.

This section contains 268 words
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