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Taiwan and Vietnam.

Summary: Compares and contrasts of the two nations Taiwan and Vietnam. Describes the similar geographical features, religions, and cultures.
Is it possible to compare and contrast Taiwan and Vietnam? If so, what are the topics? Taiwan and Vietnam share many geographical facts, such as they both have a watery boarder. Although they have similar geographic features, they contrast in famous topics. For example Taiwan exports and Vietnam imports. This area shows contrast. Another area of differences is interesting statics.Vietnam has 4 times as many people the Taiwan. Taiwan and Vietnam share geographic features but contrast in what they are famous for and also interesting statistics.

Taiwan and Vietnam have many similarities to there geography. Taiwan and Vietnam are both located southeast in Asia. Both have a watery boarder if you rememver4 a globe is round you can see that their both bordered by the Pacific Ocean. If you took a plane through Vietnam to Taiwan, you would notice there are not many mountains but beaches.

Though Taiwan and Vietnam compare in many ways, they contrast in even more topics. Like what they're both famous for. In Vietnam, the arts enjoyed are sculptures, but for Taiwan people focus more on landscaping and monuments. In Vietnam, poetry is popular. Though if you like music, Taiwan is for you. But if you were looking for more land then island to stay on go to Vietnam, because Taiwan is just a piece of land off shore from Asia, otherwise called an island.

But if you really want to explore concepts, there are many individual interesting statistics about Taiwan and Vietnam. Did you know that Taiwan is a major export of rice, computers, trinkets, fans, music cd, DVD, and video games? They also have free religion, but most people practice Buddhism. Although through Taiwan, Vietnam can choose anything except Christianity. And research shows that Taiwan has a population of 22 million, well Vietnam quadruples that with 82,280,000 million. And that concludes some interesting statistics.

As you can see, Taiwan and Vietnam are common to each other and diverse as well. Taiwan and Vietnam Compare in Geographic features such as a watery boarder. But they contrast in areas of famous interests. They also contrast in interesting statistics. But for your information go to Taiwan or Vietnam heck maybe even both and learn for yourself. If you don't travel to these countries there are always books down at your nearest library.

This section contains 385 words
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